Loving, Serving, and Pleasing God

About Us

Who We Are

People join the First Baptist Church of Syracuse, a fellowship of believers, for many reasons. Some of them include:

  • “Being with others who believe in God.”
  • “Being supported and encouraged in spiritual growth.”
  • “We experience God’s presence in this place through the people.”
  • “There is a sincerity in people trying to serve god.”
  • “We offer opportunities for spiritual growth and leadership models for children.”
  • “We have respect for and patience with one another.”
  • “We are directly involved in service in several parts of the world.”
  • “We honor diversity.”


What We Believe

We believe in God as our Creator and the one who desires to be reconciled with his creation (God’s people).

We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God who died for each of us on the cross to pay the price for our sin and reclaim us as God’s own children. Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day and defeated the power of death. Jesus’ life is the primary example of how we should live our lives as Christ’s followers.

We believe in the Holy Spirit as the one who is present with us now as promised by Jesus and sent by the Father.

We believe in the Bible  as the divinely inspired word of God and the authority in our lives as one of many ways in which God speaks, guides and directs each of us.

We believe in the fellowship of believers and the importance of living out our faith in community and in the world.


What We Hold Dear

Diversity & Tolerance

This community of faith values diversity in the congregational mix of race, culture, economics, and theology (our understandings of God). We value and encourage tolerance for and toward other people, their expressions of faith and the freedom of religion for all people. We value an attitude of inclusion and a non-judgmental spirit towards all people.

Discipleship & Spiritual Formation

We value discipleship and spiritual growth for believers of all ages, with Jesus Christ as our model. We value the elements of spiritual formation such as prayer, Bible study, worship, giving, and service as key aspects of christian discipleship.


We value mission as a calling for each of us as God’s disciples in the world. We, the fellowship of believers, are called to be engaged in mission work that is in-reach, outreach, and beyond reach.


The Way We Serve

  • We welcome and include all people (children and adults) in worship, communion, and ministries.
  • We offer a variety of opportunities for spiritual formation and growth to all ages.
  • We engage in in-reach mission  through our care ministry, music ministry, youth ministry, discipleship training, volunteering, and other opportunities.
  • We engage in local outreach mission through a variety of service activities, Fall Festivals, the Samaritan Center, food drives for local food pantries, a partnership with the River of Joy Korean Baptist Church, hosting ABC-NYS, and providing the community with our labyrinth and meditation pathways.
  • We engage in beyond reach mission through our collaborative project with Ghana Vision in Worawora, Ghana, the Mobile Eye Clinic in Côte d’Ivoire, and ABC-USA International Ministries Mission Work throughout the world, as well as several other international opportunities.


The Way We Live

Corporate Mission

Our Corporate mission at First Baptist is to love, serve, and please God as disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • We love God with all our heart through worship and by being in a fellowship of believers.
  • We love God with our soul through spiritual formation and and spiritual maturity.
  • We love God with our entire mind by claiming God’s vision to reconcile the world.
  • We love God by serving others within the community of faith, outside the community of faith and in the world.

Personal Mission

We believe our individual purpose in life as followers of Jesus Christ is to “love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength” (Luke 10:27) and we worship God by using our spiritual gifts in serving others, providing a bridge for others to God.


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